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Preschool Class



“I want to do with you what the spring does with the Cherry Blossom Trees.”

– Pablo Neruda.

We @ Cherry Blossom are inspired by the beautiful pink flowers of the Cherry Blossom tree, natively known as Sakura. Just as the sight of blooming Sakura flowers spreads happiness amongst the beholders, similarly do our children bring joy to the faces of ‘One and All’. The Sakura also has a prominent philosophical bearing – that life is frail yet self-rejuvenating by Nature. Therefore, we teach our children and inspire their parents to enjoy the simplicities of life and its subtle nuances in complete harmony to their surroundings.


Our Cherry Blossom is a vision that our Team has dreamt for our children – where they learn to live and love life. Just as the temples of the Vedic times were much more than places of worship and were a way of life itself, similarly our Cherry Blossom is programmed to be more than a curriculum, or worksheets, or appraisals. It assumes the responsibility for the overall growth of each child. We commit ourselves to the welfare & 360 Degree upliftment of each child, whether:​​ 

  • Academia

  • Intelligence Quotient

  • Knowledge and Analytical Skills

  • General awareness of manners, culture & customs

  • Physical & emotional well-being, social behaviour & a general sense of self-confidence.


At Cherry Blossom, it is the child that matters most. Each Team member is trained to gauge the seen / unseen hurdles that a child faces in her / his realm of life, and empowered to take necessary steps to help the child overcome those hurdles. We believe in hand–holding & selflessly navigating the child through the maze of life. Parents are kindly advised to be prepared for periodic assessments so that their Child’s growth plan can be formulated and periodically fine–tuned, in complete sync to their evolution and the imminent changes in / around their little world.

We @ Cherry Blossom draw pride from our unwavering commitment to the child; yet we are most receptive to ideas and corrections. It is human to err and we would accept your genuine criticisms with an open heart. We are skilled & motivated, yet we do not believe ourselves to be perfect.


Our Cherry Blossom might be frail but is resilient. Our methods are of the new-age but our philosophies are very traditional. Just as a Sakura spreads its light, sweet fragrance, similarly do we @ Cherry Blossom, sometimes discreetly, intend to play an unnoticed – yet – substantial part in the lives of your Child into making them into human beings of kindness, goodwill & character.

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