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“Nothing, absolutely nothing, must come between knowledge and the child.” – Anonymous

eSCHOOLING – eBLOOMING is one of our most sought – after programs. Team Cherry Blossom is proud to have shattered the glass ceiling that little children of the Preschool / Kindergarten age cannot be effectively taught online.

We have separated each child from the crowd and conduct 1:1 classes only, thereby ensuring undivided, undiluted attention to each. Our expertise in online teaching is ‘unmatched and unrivalled’. Presently, we have over one hundred children enjoying our ‘world class teaching services from the comforts of their livings rooms.’

As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Some of the USPs of our eSCHOOLING – eBLOOMING Program are:

  • COST ADVANTAGE: Our cost is 1/3rd of a regular US-based Montessori / Kindergarten. This means – more disposable income in their hands. More of the NRI families in the US are ‘Single Income Single Child’ or ‘Single Income Double Child’ families, with the lady either being a home-maker or engaged in some socio-welfare causes with little / no monetary incentive.

  • YOUR PLACE YOUR TIME YOUR CONVENIENCE: No longer do the parents have to adhere to the timeline of the School. Kids don’t have to be dropped / picked up, that is usually a task for either parent. As the classes are usually for an hour / day at their place, the child has additional time & energy for hobbies, learning new skills, socializing or simply playing at home.

  • 1:1 CLASSES: One child to one teacher is what we follow, against 1:15 to 1:20 ratio in US Montessori / Kindergartens. This means – manifold greater attention of the teacher, greater engagement of the child and perpetual quality assessment of teaching by We, the Admins.

  • PERSONALISED CURATED CURRICULUM: Each child’s curriculum is designed after assessing his / her level of knowledge and understanding. No preset, copy-paste academics for one and all.

  • ADVANCED STANDARD & ACCELERATED PACE OF TEACHING: Our child learns and knows much more than what a same-age child studying in a regular Montessori / Kindergarten in US learns. This is possible due to 1:1 teaching. It gives the parents a distinct sense of pride amongst their peers. It also gives the child a head-start over his friends.

  • AMERICAN MONTESORRI METHOD BUT CORE EMPHASIS ON STUDIES, as is the case in Indian education system. This is what is missing in Western education system and is what many NRIs look forward to.

  • NO ADMISSION / SESSION FEES: We charge them on monthly basis; there are no hefty admission / session fees.

  • INDIAN CULTURAL EXPOSURE: Many cultural nuances, festivals, greetings and exchanges that the child would otherwise miss out on. We go way beyond the jazzy Manyavar Kurtas & Kanchivaram silk sarees.

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