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Preschool Class



“... I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep…” – Robert Frost.

Dear Grand Parents & Parents, Namaste!

My friends, family, students & their parents would often ask me - after teaching for 10-years in the oldest Montessori school in town and for 4-years in an award–winning High School as one of their founder teachers and creating their pre-primary curriculum, what next? After all, my love for little fingers & feet & unhindered smiles needed another reason, another destination.

Moreover, the mushrooming preschool culture by target & client driven Corporates, who have fat cash-purses but regrettably care very little to impart genuine learning, compounded my concerns about our children’s' future. The perfect teacher within me did not need a resting place. It needed a starting block.

One fine morning in 2018, I decided to shut down. And update. So here I am with a piece of my heart, my Cherry Blossom, the flowers of which I wish to share with you all. We at Cherry Blossom do not make Engineers or Doctors out of little children. Instead, we make their day. We expand their smile lines. We help you, dear Parents, to lay their foundations.

 It’s been three years since we’ve been in this vocation of ‘expanding the smile lines’. We’ve faced the brunt of Covid-19 that questioned our very existence, yet we soldiered on with resilience, innovation and dedication.

Graciás Madré is what we teach our children, for we believe that the rest shall follow.

With Love & Sincerity,

Tulika Agarwal

E.C.E. (Singapore); Certified Apple Educator, Certified Q.C.T. Teacher, Certified Montessorian.

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