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‘Home is where the heart is, the heart beats on love – lub dub dub.’ – Anonymous

Our Child Day Care Program is designed for children from 6 months to 12 years of age. We provide annual, monthly, daily as well as hourly services. Due to our stone’s throw proximity to the I.T. Hub & two shopping malls & departmental stores, we’re perfect for parents who are commuting in to work or are ready to shop.

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We pride ourselves on our welcoming and friendly atmosphere - our nursery has an extremely low staff turnover and our staff offer high-quality, professional care within an extremely secure nursery environment. We are an all – female staff and guarantee a comfortable, homely peaceful and loveable atmosphere for each child. Children are encouraged to eat, play, learn and rest at periodic preset intervals, inculcating a sense of discipline & direction in them from the tender age.

Cherry Blossom children enjoy the use of an indoor play area with rock climbing wall, a reading corner, a fully equipped child gymnasium, an outdoor garden, a virtual market place and lots of space to run around. Each area is sanitized with high quality, child friendly disinfectants on periodic intervals by professionals only. We also take advantage of our location – with periodic trips out to Eco Park, Deer Park, Children Park, Post Office, Police Station, etc

We have a wide range of play and learning activities designed to encourage happy, confident children who are ready to enjoy a lifelong journey of learning, including our unique Growing Programmes, a unique set of enhancements which focus on reading, writing, science, maths, physical activity and art. We also provide ‘Assistance with Home Assignments’ and ‘Post School Tuition Services’ at affordable rates.

While we encourage Parents to provide us with the daily dietary supplies for their children for the day, we also offer excellent nutritionally balanced menu that is changed regularly to encourage a varied diet.

Our other programs to ensure continuous learning process for the child are:

  • Growing Mathematicians: 1-2-3-4-5! Mathematics is embedded in everything that we do and experience in our day-to-day lives and our Growing Mathematicians programme has been created to help your child understand the purpose and importance of mathematics.

  • Growing Readers: It brings together home and nursery life, providing parents with some of the theory behind developing children’s reading skills, and also providing handy Hints & Tips, recommended reading lists and suggested activities for parents and children to explore together.

  • Growing Writers: Our Growing Writer’s approach supports the complex magical journey from making a mark, to emergent writing, to confident writer, laying the foundational skills that enable each child to flourish with the confidence and capability to succeed at school.

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