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“At Cherry Blossom, sky is the limit.”

Our Preschoolers’ & Kindergarten Program covers the age group from 1.5yrs – 6yrs. These are children who have just grown from crawling toddlers and are stepping into early childhood. This is the phase during which they are ready to start learning. The caterpillar is set to evolve, to grow their wings and develop into a beautiful & colorful butterfly.

We @ Cherry Blossom provide them with a holistic learning environment. Our curriculum is conceptual based and is customized to each child’s ability to grasp and learn. Practical experiences are what we provide them with and give them a platform to enhance their creative minds. We prepare their tender fingers to hold the pencil to write their vision to the outside world.

Some of the unique features of our Preschoolers’ & Kindergarten Program are:

  • Tryst with reality: we want to empower children with knowledge about the things they are likely to see around them, whether at home or on vacation. We try to inculcate awareness about sights, monuments and landmarks, thereby self answering many questions that they might have asked you.

  • Expressions unlimited: we have made a theatre area for children, where they are encouraged to express, emote, act and speak. This makes them more confident and ready to face the world.

  • Reading Corner: One of the most important ways to learn is to read. We have made an ambient pastel-colored reading area where children can read peacefully. Their focus would improve and retention would increase.

  • Gym and activity corner: children are bundles of energy. We have a gym where they can let go their steam and a rock climbing wall where they can scale newer heights.

  • Nature Corner: Breathing life is always a delight and cosmopolitan children today do not get much greenery around them. We have a garden area that is green and colorful. At Cherry Blossom, Work and Play go hand in hand.

  • Teaching with a difference: The atmosphere in our school is designed to exude modernity, care and love. It is designed to teach children in a modern yet social setup. Circle time is as much a part of their curriculum as sheet work and e-learning via projector.

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